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LLC NPP "Academy" - an enterprise that provides the full range of design services performed in accordance with the regulatory documentation of Ukraine, for all types of construction and stages
Main areas of work
    • - Performance of functions of the general designer
    • - Development of urban planning documentation
    • - Technological design
    • - Design and reconstruction of shopping and entertainment, retail, administrative, office and hotel complexes
    • - Design of residential houses, neighborhoods, and also manor residential buildings
    • - Design of industrial buildings and structures (logistics, warehouse complexes, processing and manufacturing enterprises, etc.)​
    • - Development projects for building multifunctional complexesв
    • - Design of schools, kindergartens
    • - Projects of public buildings and community facilities (cafes, restaurants, hairdressers, office premises in non-residential or residential premises, etc.)
    • - Small architectural forms
    • - Author's supervision
    • - Completion of the design of construction in progress
    • - Development of projects of high altitude, for areas with high seismicity, as well as in difficult hydrological conditions
    • - Design of internal and external engineering networks, systems and structures.
    • - Engineering activity in the field of construction
Types of construction
  • New
  • Reconstruction
  • Technical
  • Overhaul
Design stages
  • Express analysis
  • Pre-project proposals
  • Preliminary design
  • Stage working draft
  • Stage project
  • Working documentation