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  • Objects of the Kharkov Meat Processing Plant in the city of Kharkov.

    Reconstruction of non-residential buildings and KMK service facilities for a restaurant and hotel complex along Gagarin Ave. in Kharkov
  • Printing house, Kiev region

    Reconstruction of the administration building under the printing house with administrative premises and domestic premises on the lane. Collective farm in with. Doroginka Fastovsky district, Kiev region
  • BRSM refueling complex,

  • The administrative building of the factory "Frunze" in Kharkov.

    Reconstruction of the administrative building of the factory "Frunze"
  • Fashion House,
    smt. Pesochin

    Construction of "Fashion House" in the neighborhood "Mobile" in the village. Pesochin, Kharkiv region, Kharkiv region.
  • Administrative building "ANCOR HEAT ENERGY",

    Designing the administrative building of the industrial complex on the street. Kyrgyz in Kharkiv.
  • Residential building,

    The construction of a residential house in areas number 2 and number 4 of the garden association "Progress" in Kharkov.
  • Square Garden them. F.M. Safarov, Kharkov

    Landscaping park them. F. M. Safarov with the installation of the monument to F. M. Safarov on the street. Narimanov - corner of Postyshev Ave. in Kharkov.
  • Shopping and Office Center, Kharkiv

    Reconstruction of non-residential buildings under the shopping and office center on the street. Sumy, Kharkiv
  • Geothermal source,
    Strelkovoe, Arabatskaya Strelka

    Geothermal source with infrastructure facilities outside Strelkovoe in the territory of the Genichesky district.
  • SAFARI PARK, Schastlivcevo, Arabatskay Strelka

    Placement of “Safari Park” on the lands provided for by the community center, Schastlivtsevskogo village council, Genichesky district, Kherson region.
  • Residential building, Kharkiv

    Construction of non-residential building lit. "A-5" with a change in functional purpose under the apartment building on the lane. Vaschenkovsky, angle lane Krasnokutskogo in Kharkov
  • Memorial complex of the Palace of Culture of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Kharkiv

    Reconstruction of the memorial complex of the Palace of Culture Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on the street. Sovnarkomovskaya in the city of Kharkov and the construction of a bell tower on its territory at the chapel of the Archangel Michael.
  • Cottage type houses,

    Cottage-type residential buildings in the village of Severinovka, Makarovsky district, Kiev region.
  • Individual manor house,

    Individual manor house with auxiliary buildings and structures on the street. Youth in with. Malaya Danilovka.
  • Individual manor house,

    Construction of a residential building on ul.Ozernaya 1-A in s. Chaykovka, Malodanilovsky village council, Dergachevsky district, Kharkiv region.
  • Social housing complex, s. Golovach

    Reconstruction of objects of the former children's camp under the social housing complex in the village. Golovach, Poltava district, Poltava region.
  • Residential building, Kharkiv

    Construction of an apartment house with social and cultural facilities and parking on Pobeda Avenue (near the house 57-g) in Kharkov
  • Residential building, Kharkiv

    Сonstruction of a multi-storey residential building on a land plot in Guv. Shironintsev near house 29-a in Kharkov
  • Extension to the building of the shopping center "Growth", Kharkov

    Construction of the extension of the additional premises to the building of the Shopping Center (network "GROWTH" on Marshal Zhukov St. 18-V, Kharkov)
  • Construction of a service complex for agricultural machinery in Rivne

    Construction of a service complex for agricultural equipment with an exhibition hall in Kievskaya, 92, in Rovno
  • Trade and entertainment and office complex CLASS, Kharkiv

    Construction of a multifunctional retail, entertainment and office complex with parking and guest parking in Kharkov
  • CLASS shopping and entertainment center, Kharkiv

    Construction of a shopping and entertainment center on the street. Dudinskaya, 1-A in Kharkov